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Which of the following features is a benefit of shared storage within a VMware environment?

A.    Allows storage to be deployed from a single vendor
B.    Provides the ability to backup data more efficiently
C.    Provides the ability to view the disk I/O more efficiently
D.    Allows for the deployment of DRS and HA clusters

Answer: D

What tool can an administrator use to determine if an existing environment is ready for Fault Tolerance?

A.    Fault Tolerance Map
B.    VMware SiteSurvey Tool
C.    VMware Cluster Analyzer
D.    VMware Capacity Planner

Answer: B

Which VMware product assists in maintaining regulatory compliance?

A.    ESXi
B.    vCenter Server
C.    vCenter Operations Manager
D.    vCenter Configuration Manager

Answer: C

Your company is very cyclical in nature, with periods of very high demand and periods of very low demand. You’ve heard that Distributed Power Management (DPM) may be helpful in saving money. What function does DPM perform?

A.    Suspends idle VMs.
B.    Moves VMs onto fewer servers during periods of low demand, shutting the others off and waking them up when load increases.
C.    Reduces or raises clock speeds of the CPU to optimize energy usage.
D.    Reduces or raises clock speeds of memory to optimize energy usage.

Answer: B

After a recent change control problem, your management team is asking you to implement a solution that will identify and monitor unauthorized changes that have been made to your vSphere environment. Which of the following products can help you monitor and detect non-compliant hosts?

A.    VMware host profiles
B.    VMware Fusion
C.    vCenter Configuration Manager
D.    vCenter Operations Manager

Answer: A

You arrive at a customer site and find that the customer is considering a conversion from physical to virtual servers. They are curious as to how they can perform updates on their new virtual machines, and still minimize the possible impact to the virtual machines.
What VMware option will allow them to update their virtual machines safely?

A.    Virtual servers do not need to be patched, since they are virtual.
B.    Virtual servers can use a snapshot to save the existing state of the virtual operating system prior to the update.
C.    Virtual servers will need to be cloned prior to updating to save the original state.
D.    There is no way to save the original state of the virtual machine prior to performing an update.

Answer: B

Developers in your organization are concerned about moving away from physical equipment to virtual machines as they don’t understand what a VM is. You explain that a VM is:

A.    A conceptual framework for developing operating systems.
B.    Similar to a physical computer, except many VMs can run on the same hardware.
C.    The same thing as a physical computer.
D.    A conceptual framework for developing applications.

Answer: B

Your company needs the features provided in a distributed switch.
You have been tasked with finding the least expensive version of vSphere that meets the need. Which edition meets these requirements?

A.    Enterprise Plus Edition
B.    Standard Edition
C.    Essentials Edition
D.    Enterprise Edition

Answer: A

You have a single VMware ESXi host, and you do not have vCenter server installed to manage this host. Which two actions can be performed without the presence of vCenter? (Choose two.)

A.    Clone a powered off virtual machine
B.    Create a datastore on shared storage
C.    Create a virtual machine
D.    Set an alarm on a virtual machine

Answer: AC

Your VMware environment was deployed by a contractor and you are taking over management responsibilities. The contractor has configured a 5-node Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) cluster, and has deployed all of your virtual machines within the cluster.
Why was a DRS cluster chosen?

A.    DRS can automatically load balance the cluster to equalize resource utilization
B.    DRS will protect the virtual machines from malware and virus attacks automatically
C.    DRS is used to automatically backup the virtual machines on an administrator’s schedule
D.    DRS will prevent any downtime for the virtual machines by maintaining a steady input voltage for the physical servers

Answer: A


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