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SNMPv3 authorizes management operations only by configured users and encrypts SNMP messages. Which authentication protocols does Cisco NX-OS Software use for SNMPv3? (Choose two.)

A.    NMAC-SHA-96 authentication protocol
B.    HMAC-MD5-96 authentication protocol
C.    Community String Match protocol
D.    NMAC-MD5-96 authentication protocol
E.    HMAC-SHA-96 authentication protocol

Answer: BE

Overlay Transport Virtualization (OTV) provides an overlay that enables Layer 2 connectivity between separate Layer 2 domains, while keeping these domains independent and preserving the fault isolation, resiliency, and load-balancing benefits of an IP-based interconnection. Which statements are true about OTV Adjacency Server? (Choose two.)

A.    Adjacency Server is required when OTV is deployed with unicast-only transport.
B.    Adjacency Server is required when OTV is deployed with multicast-enabled transport.
C.    Each OTV device wishing to join a specific OTV logical overlay needs to first register with the
Adjacency Server.
D.    Each OTV device trying to join a specific OTV logical overlay needs to be configured as an
Adjacency Server.

Answer: AC

Which two statements about VACLs on Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches are true? (Choose two.)

A.    A single VACL can be shared across two or more VDCs.
B.    Use of VACLs requires no special license to be installed.
C.    VACLs make use of IP or MAC ACLs.
D.    Only options drop and forward are permitted.

Answer: BC

Consistency checks and compatibility checks are performed before a Virtual PortChannel (vPC) is created. During a compatibility check, one vPC peer conveys configuration information to the other vPC peer in order to verify that vPC member ports can actually form a PortChannel. Which statements about a “Virtual PortChannel graceful consistent check” are true? (Choose two.)

A.    Graceful consistency check is enabled by default.
B.    When graceful consistency check is enabled, only the links on the secondary peer device are suspended.
C.    Graceful consistency check is disabled by default, so to enable this feature, use graceful consistency-check
command under VPC domain configuration mode.
D.    When graceful consistency check is enabled, only the inconsistent VLANs on the secondary peer device
are suspended.

Answer: AB

Which attribute is used to pass the user role back to the Nexus when remote AAA is enabled?

A.    Cisco AV-pair
B.    TACACS+ or RADIUS ack frame role attribute
C.    DH-CHAP challenge attribute
D.    privilege level attribute

Answer: A

Each port that is configured to use LACP has an LACP port priority. Which statements are true about LACP port priority? (Choose three.)

A.    Port priority value can be configured between 1 and 65535.
B.    A higher port priority value means a higher priority of LACP.
C.    Port priority can be configured so that specific links can be chosen as active links rather than the
hot standby links within the port channel.
D.    LACP uses the port priority with the port number to form the port identifier.
E.    LACP Port priority default value should always be changed

Answer: ACD

What will this command sequence achieve?
Nexus7000# config t
Nexus700(config)# interface ethernet 2/11
Nexus700(config-if)# switchport mode private-vlan host
Nexus700(config-if)# switchport private-vlan host-association 14 50
Nexus700(config-if)# exit

A.    associate interface E2/11 to community VLANs 14 and 50
B.    associate interface E2/11 to secondary VLANs 14 and 50
C.    associate interface E2/11 to primary VLAN 50 and secondary VLAN 14
D.    associate interface E2/11 to primary VLAN 14 and secondary VLAN 50

Answer: D

Which command will allow you to display the configured QoS group and the ingress buffer allocated to each QoS group?

A.    show interface priority-flow-control
B.    show interface queuing
C.    show queuing interface
D.    show policy-map system type queuing
E.    show policy-map interface ethernet <x/y> type queuing

Answer: C

With Cisco NX-OS on a Cisco Nexus platform, which command shows memory usage, total processes, and CPU state?

A.    show memory detailed
B.    show process cpu sorted
C.    show system resources
D.    show hardware capacity

Answer: C

What is the difference between the Ethanalyzer and the SPAN feature in Cisco NX-OS?

A.    The Ethanalyzer captures control-plane traffic, while SPAN captures all traffic.
B.    The Ethanalyzer captures all traffic including control-plane traffic, while SPAN captures only the
control-plane traffic.
C.    The Ethanalyzer captures only data traffic, while SPAN captures all traffic.
D.    The Ethanalyzer captures only control traffic, while SPAN captures data traffic.

Answer: A

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