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Vendor: Microsoft
Exam Code: MB2-703
Exam Name: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Customization and Configuration

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In which two circumstances does the autosave process save changes to Lead
records?(Choose TWO)

A.    When a user exits a changed record
B.    Every 30 seconds
C.    When a user creates the record
D.    Every 120 seconds
E.    Every time a user moves the focus out of an edited field

Answer: AB

Which field is required to create a new Opportunity record?

A.    Originating Lead
B.    Customer
C.    Topic
D.    Contact
E.    Account

Answer: C

You create two Quick Create forms on the Lead entity.
The Quick Create forms are for different teams that process Leads for different product groups.
Which factor controls the Quick Create form that is available to each user?

A.    The form order of the Quick Create form set
B.    The business process flow
C.    The activation status of each Quick Create form
D.    Security roles

Answer: A

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which two record types are considered customers?(Choose TWO)

A.    Opportunities
B.    Accounts
C.    Leads
D.    Contacts

Answer: BD

In the Form Editor, which two navigation group-related actions can you perform? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A.    Create a navigation group.
B.    Move items from one navigation group to another.
C.    Rename a navigation group.
D.    Delete a navigation group.
E.    Hide a navigation group from a security role.

Answer: BC

Which components can a Quick Create form contain?

A.    Four columns
B.    IFrames
C.    Spacers
D.    Three tabs

Answer: C

You are creating a case in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
Which two entity types are valid for the Customer field? (Choose TWO)

A.    Products
B.    Leads
C.    Contacts
D.    Accounts

Answer: CD

Which view can you use to create a new Advanced Find view?

A.    Quick Find view
B.    Lookup view
C.    Personal view
D.    Associated view

Answer: C

In a Lookup view of an entity, which columns are included in a search?

A.    The columns in the default public view of the entity.
B.    The find columns in the Quick Find view of the entity.
C.    The filter criteria in the current Lookup view of the entity.
D.    The columns in the default Lookup view of the entity.

Answer: C

Which two actions can you perform with an Advanced Find view? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A.    Set the view as the default view.
B.    Convert the view to a system view.
C.    Save the view as a custom view.
D.    Share the view with a Team.

Answer: BD

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