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Scenario: The CIO at Healthy Helping Hands has decided to implement a new design to incorporate XenApp, XenDesktop, and/or XenServer as appropriate to address present and future application and access requirements, Healthy Helping Hands will initially implement virtualized desktops only for the most appropriate user groups and will plan the migration of all other user groups into virtual desktops at a later date. Based on the applications and user requirements outlined in the assessment document, to which user group should an architect assign a virtual desktop using XenDesktop in the first phase?

A.    Only the Sales, Engineers and Contractors user groups should access a virtual desktop.
B.    Only the Engineers, Marketing and Contractors user groups should initially receive a virtual
desktop using XenDesktop.
C.    Only the Engineers user group should initially receive a virtual desktop using XenDesktop.
D.    The Engineers, Marketing, IT and Contractors user groups should initially receive a virtual desktop using ‘ XenDesktop.

Answer: D

Based on these user groups, how many XenDesktop farms should be created and where should they be located?

A.    Create four farms and locate one in each datacenter.
B.    Create one farm and locate it in the San Francisco backup/disaster recovery site.
C.    Create two farms. Locate one in New York and one in San Francisco.
D.    Create three farms. Locate one in New York, one in Hong Kong and one in London.

Answer: A

Why is using two farms the best design for the short-term rollout of XenDesktop?

A.    New York is the primary site and San Francisco is the backup/disaster recovery site.
B.    Engineering users require different XenDesktop farm settings than other users.
C.    This is the fewest number of farms possible for the required number of initial users.
D.    This will ensure scalability when the rest of the user groups are migrated to virtual desktops.

Answer: A

Which three items are risks that a Citrix Enterprise Engineer should be aware of during the implementation phase of a XenApp project? (Choose three.)

A.    Improper load evaluator configuration
B.    Inconsistent server naming convention
C.    Improper terminal server profile design
D.    Inconsistent user account naming convention
E.    Mixed brands of user devices runningXenApp Plugin
F.    Inconsistent set of printer drivers across the environment

Answer: ACF

Scenario: After gathering basic requirements from Nether Tech Inc. administrators and IT personnel, an engineer must decide whether a virtual or physical implementation is best suited for the environment. Several key requirements are listed below.
Peak time is gam;
approximately 4,000-4,500 logon attempts will be made then.
Most users will have the same core applications such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Reader. Some custom applications need to be updated quarterly.
Remote users and traveling field agents will need secure remote access to the environment. Several applications in the environment CANNOT co-exist together.
Some applications will NOT run on an application server.
Based on these requirements, which kind of implementation should the engineer recommend?

A.    A virtualized implementation that leveragesXenDesktop Platinum
B.    A physical server farm that leveragesXenApp on physical servers
C.    A physical server farm that leveragesXenApp and Provisioning Services
D.    A virtualized server implementation that leveragesXenServer and XenApp

Answer: A

Scenario: The new design document for Nether Tech Inc.’s environment calls for the inclusion of several new Citrix products in addition to XenApp. XenServer will be implemented as the virtualization platform. Provisioning Services will be used to rapidly provision desktop and server images. XenOesktop will be used to publish and manage client desktops. Nether Tech Inc.’s existing environment consists of a DHCP server, a DNS server, a domain controller, several managed switches with spanning tree protocol and several routers.
Which modification should the Citrix Engineer recommend from a networking standpoint in order for all of the new Citrix products to be highly optimized?

A.    Enable task offload on the virtual machine.
B.    Place each Citrix component in its own subnet.
C.    Configure the DHCP server to use ports 60 and 67.
D.    Enable the spanning tree fast link (PortFast) option on all Provisioning Services switch ports.

Answer: D

Scenario: The engineer at Nether Tech Inc. is assigned an implementation of Provisioning Services for delivery of images to its XenApp servers and XenDesktop workstations.
The architect has created the design for the Provisioning Services environment and took the following design decisions:
One Provisioning Services farm will be created: PVSFARM.
Two Provisioning Services servers will be configured with HA: PVS01 and PVS02.
One site will be configured: Nether Tech Inc.
Two device collections will be configured: one for XenApp servers and one for XenDesktop devices.
A central store will be defined and located on the SAN and all vDisks will be added to this store. Online and offline applications will be used to minimize changes to the vDisk. A specified user account will be used for Provisioning Services service account. The TFTP service will be installed on PVS01. DHCP will be configured with options 66 and 67 to point to PVS01. An Active Directory group policy object will be configured and linked to the XenApp and XenDesktop organizations units to disable Active Directory Machine Account Password Management.
What will be a risk for the new environment based on the design decisions from the architect?

A.    There is only one store configured for bothXenApp and XenDesktop.
B.    TFTP via DHCP is being used and TFTP is only installed on PVS01.
C.    The PXE service is NOT being used to provide boot information to target devices.
D.    The target devices forXenApp and XenDesktop are in separate device collections.

Answer: B

Which two statements highlight risks that a Citrix Engineer should investigate and potentially resolve when implementing a XenApp environment? (Choose two.)

A.    A custom load evaluator is being used with several application silos.
B.    A separate zone within the production farm is being used for testing.
C.    XML traffic from the Web Interface to the XML Brokers is being encrypted.
D.    A Citrix policy exists that effectively disables users from installing drivers over ICA sessions in the
E.    Users in the Nether Tech Inc. environment have the ability to install printer drivers on the XenApp
servers through their ICA sessions.

Answer: BE

Which storage type should be used if thin provisioning is required from the XenServer?

A.    NFS based
B.    Fibre Channel
C.    iSCSI software
D.    iSCSI hardware

Answer: A

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