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Nether Tech Inc.’s environment is highly virtualized, so monitoring the host infrastructure is a top priority. Which three features can the Citrix Engineer access in XenCenter for monitoring when implementing XenServer? (Choose three.)

A.    CPU
B.    Reboots
C.    Network
D.    Page File
E.    Work load
F.    Local hard disk of virtual machines

Answer: ACF

Scenario: Nether Tech Inc. has several new virtualized servers and has a mandate to retain historical data of the host including CPU, memory and disk usage of stated virtual servers. None of these servers are XenApp 5.0 servers. What is the best solution to fit this need?

A.    PerfMon
B.    Edgesight
C.    HPOpenView
D.    XenServer Essentials

Answer: D

When a desktop group has been created in the Access Management Console, which configuration items can NOT be modified afterwards?

A.    Logoff Behavior
B.    Idle Pool Settings
C.    Assignment Type
D.    Desktop Group Name
E.    Hosting Infrastructure Type

Answer: CE

Scenario: Nether Tech Inc. is implementing XenDesktop for a small number of their users. Two Desktop Delivery Controllers will be used in the deployment. The Citrix Engineer wants to ensure that one DOC is assigned the “Master” Role, while the second DOC will be assigned the role of “Backup.” What would the engineer use to configure these roles?

A.    Registry Editor
B.    CdsController.exe.config
C.    Presentation Server Console
D.    Access Management Console

Answer: A

Some users complain about sluggish performance when connecting to a XenApp session. Which four counters should the engineer consider when monitoring the XenApp server using EdgeSight? (Choose four.)

A.    CPU usage
B.    Idle Sessions
C.    Memory usage
D.    Network usage
E.    ICA latency counters
F.    Disconnected Sessions

Answer: ACDE

Scenario: The XenApp servers in the Nether Tech Inc. environment are hosted on XenServer. Users in the environment access online and offline resources over the WAN. Which two settings should the Citrix Engineer configure when creating a policy to optimize the connection for users accessing hosted applications in this environment? (Choose two.)

A.    Under Client Devices> Resources, select ‘Drives’ and select ‘Disable’
B.    Select the ‘Optimize initial policy settings for a connection type’ and select ‘WAN’ as the Connection type.
C.    Under Printing> Client Printers> Auto-creation, select ‘Enabled’ and select ‘Auto-create all client printers’.
D.    Under Bandwidth> Visual Effects, select ‘Turn off desktop wallpaper’ and select ‘Enable’ to turn off
desktop wallpaper.

Answer: BD

Scenario: Nether Tech Inc. administrators have asked the on-site engineer to limit the amount of physical XenServer hosts that need to be online at any given moment in order to limit maintenance, management and power consumption. However, the administrators wish to have the option to add further resources to the production XenServer resource pools and want the process to be automated. What must the engineer configure to optimize the virtual servers according to the administrators’ criteria?

A.    High Availability with failover
B.    Workflow studio to maximize density
C.    Workload Balancing to maximize density
D.    WorkloadBalancing to maximize performance

Answer: C

Scenario: Nether Tech Inc. is implementing XenApp 5.0 as part of their new virtual environment. According to the Design Document, the XenApp servers will be virtualized using XenServer. The engineer is responsible for optimizing these virtual servers. When optimizing virtual servers in XenCenter, which three options are available? (Choose three.)

A.    Optimize Manually
B.    Optimize for General Use
C.    Optimize for CitrixXenApp
D.    Optimize for Windows Vista
E.    Optimize for CitrixXenDesktop

Answer: ABC

Scenario: The engineer implementing the new design for Nether Tech Inc. must configure three Provisioning Services servers with High Availability (HA) so that if the primary Provisioning Services server should fail for any reason, the High Availability server that is the least busy is
selected. The write cache is on the target hard drive and vDisks are being stored on a share in a SAN. Which two steps must the engineer take when configuring High Availability in the Provisioning Services farm? (Choose two.)

A.    Enable HA on the vDisk.
B.    Configure the bootstrap for HA .
C.    Disable Windows Write Caching.
D.    Configure target devices with shared storage.

Answer: AB

Scenario: Provisioning Services has been installed to facilitate the deployment of XenApp virtual machines. The Citrix Engineer’s task is to remove third-party application from one of the vDisks on the production Provisioning Services server. The engineer has already made a copy of the vDisk, placed it in a test environment and removed the desired software from the new vDisk. Which five steps should the engineer take when provisioning the new vDisk to a select number of XenApp servers according to best practice? (Choose five.)

A.    Enable automatic updates for the new vDisk.
B.    Enable incremental updates for the new vDisk.
C.    Boot the target devices from the newly updated vDisk.
D.    Assign the original and new vDisks to all target devices.
E.    Create a delta file that will be used to update the vDisk.
F.    Change the filename of the new vDisk and increment the build number.
G.    Select the access mode for the new vDisk to be the same as that of the original vDisk.
H.    Select the cache type for the new vDisk to be the same as that selected for the original vDisk.

Answer: ACDFH

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