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Scenario: Nether Tech Inc. administrators have requested the ability to fast-clone and thin-clone existing virtual machines when necessary in the XenServer implementation. However, there is a limited amount of local storage available on the physical hosts; these hosts do NOT have access to shared storage. In addition, Nether Tech Inc. administrators plan to have several resource pools in the XenServer farm. How should the engineer configure storage in the XenServer environment in order for Nether Tech Inc. administrators to manage storage for their applications as requested?

A.    ConfigureiSCSI SR for each host
B.    Utilizestoragelink for Windows NFS services.
C.    Create a local storage repository (SR) for each host.
D.    Create NFS-shared storage for each resource pool in the farm.

Answer: D

Scenario: Nether Tech Inc.’s IT team is going to deploy Provisioning Services to provision a Windows 2008 server with two processors and 1 GB RAM running scheduled tasks. The server needs to be available at all times with the exceptions of performing updates to the operating system. Nether Tech Inc. has five XenServer pools in which this machine can be installed.
Resource Pools names and remote storage type:
XSPooI01 – NFS shared storage
XSPooI02 – iSCSI with multipathing enabled shared storage XSPooI03 – NFS and iSCSI with multipathing enabled to shared storage XSPooI04 – NFS and Single port Fiber channel connection XSPooI05 – NFS and iSCSI without multipathing enabled to shared storage XenServers and Resource Pool membership:
CTXXS01 – XSPooI01
CTXXS02 – XSPooI01
CTXXS11 – XSPooI02
CTXXS12 – XSPooI02
CTXXS21 – XSPooI03
CTXXS22 – XSPooI03
CTXXS31 – XSPooI04
CTXXS32 – XSPooI04
CTXXS41 – XSPooI05
CTXXS42 – XSPooI05
Into which two resource pools can this server be placed in order to allow maximum XenServer performance? (Choose two.)

A.    XSPooI01
B.    XSPooI02
C.    XSPooI03
D.    XSPooI04
E.    XSPooI05

Answer: BC

As part of their XenServer implementation, Nether Tech Inc. administrators wish to have the ability to create new virtual machines using a common base VHD file and to write changes to a differencing drive. Which two storage technologies should the Citrix Engineer implement to meet these requirements? (Choose two.)

A.    NFS based
B.    Fibre Channel
C.    iSCSI software
D.    iSCSI hardware
E.    Local storage repository

Answer: AE

While reviewing the design document for Nether Tech Inc.’s XenServer implementation, the Citrix Engineer noticed that the Citrix Architect recommended two key features for implementation: multi- pathing and disaster recovery. What are two reasons why shared storage will be required to meet the needs of this environment? (Choose two.)

A.    Multi-pathing ensures that specific virtual machines have the appropriate amount of bandwidth
through the use of assigned NICs.
B.    Multi-pathing allows for multiple paths to the storage, which improves performance and safeguards
against switch and card failures.
C.    High Availability automatically restarts a running virtual machine from a failingXenServer host to
another running XenServer host in order to ensure continuity.
D.    Disaster recovery applies snapshots and fast-cloning technologies to the process of initial virtual
machine placement and real-time movement of virtual machines.

Answer: BC

Scenario: Nether Tech Inc. plans to move forward with provisioning XenApp servers using Provisioning Services. In addition, Nether Tech Inc. also plans on virtualizing th Provisioning Services target devices using XenServer. Engineers must consider several important criteria. The environment will need to include XenMotion in the future and maintain fast response times while XenApp maintains live, interactive user sessions. Any noticeable degradation of performance for the end-user is unacceptable. All virtual machine hard disks will be stored on a robust SAN platform. According to best practice, where should the engineer place the write cache?

A.    On the RAM of the target device
B.    On the local storage of the target device
C.    On the local Provisioning Services hard drive
D.    On a shared storage device attached to the Provisioning Services

Answer: B

Scenario: Nether Tech Inc. has positioned or implemented several new virtualized servers on XenServer and has a mandate to retain historical statistics as well as real-time statistics of the XenServer hosts. All virtualized servers are XenApp 5.0 servers. There are several applications with large memory footprints that crash frequently. What is the best solution to monitor the XenSever hosts?

A.    PerfMon
B.    Edgesight
C.    SMTP Monitoring
D.    XenServer Essentials

Answer: D

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer implementing the XenApp infrastructure in the Nether Tech Inc. environment is currently training the resident administrator on the necessary steps to monitor the environment. The Health Monitoring & Recovery feature will be used to monitor XenApp. Which three services could the engineer monitor using the Health Monitoring & Recovery tests provided by Citrix? (Choose three.)

A.    Citrix XTE Server
B.    Terminal Services
C.    Citrix XML Service
D.    Citrix MFCOM Service
E.    Citrix Streaming Service
F.    Citrix Independent Management Architecture Service

Answer: BCF

Scenario: The Engineer implementing the new design for Nether Tech Inc. must create a new virtual machine and decides to use an existing exported virtual machine to do so. According to the specifications in the design document, the Engineer must ensure the MAC address on one of the virtual network interfaces associated with the exported virtual machine remains unchanged. The following is a list of environment specifications:
Hostname: CTXXS99
Password: Pass 123
Pathname of the export file: XENSETUP.XVA
VM name: xensetup uuid_of_Uarget_sr: c58dd3ca-1cd7-c933-95a9-32ba1864bc7a MAC Address: 2a:8b:b4:bb:da:54
Which command must the administrator use to import the existing exported virtual machine and meet the requirements of the scenario?

A.    xevm-import vm= filename= xensetup.xva preserve=true
B.    xevm-import vm= filename= xensetup.xva
C.    xevm-import filename= xensetup.xvasr-uuid=
D.    xevm-import filename=xensetup.xva preserve=true sr-uuid=c58dd3ca-1cd7-c933-95a9- 32ba1864bc7a

Answer: D

Scenario: Nether Tech Inc. has several new virtualized servers and has a mandate to retain historical data on CPU, memory and disk usage of these virtual servers. All of these servers are XenApp 5.0 servers. Which two options are the best solutions to fit this need? (Choose two.)

A.    PerfMon
B.    EdgeSight
C.    HPOpenView
D.    XenServer Essentials

Answer: BD

The Citrix Engineer implementing the design of the new Nether Tech Inc. environment must configure management protocol for monitoring the following:
NIC failures
Hard drive failures
The state of a RAID array
Which protocol will meet these needs?

A.    SNMP
B.    System
C.    Hardware
D.    End-to-end

Answer: A

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